The Family Owned Law Firm That Treats You Like Family

A family owned and operated law firm, Richardson & Richardson is Eastern North Carolina’s trusted legal counsel that treats each individual client like family. We strive to deliver the most personalized care possible to each of our valued clients entrusting us to provide them with exceptional legal counsel and representation. Regardless of circumstances, we genuinely care about the wellbeing of each of our clients and do everything in our power to resolve each case quickly and in your favor.

Expert legal advice you can rely on.
Serving Eastern North Carolina Since 1974

Since 1974, Richardson & Richardson is proud to have served the community of Eastern North Carolina and surrounding areas with legal advice and representation that puts our clients’ needs first. With such a long history of serving the area we can honestly say we often find ourselves with continued representation of many local families for generations in various civil matters.

We Seek To Uphold The Law in The Best Interest of Our Clients

As Attorneys at Law, our clients put great trust in us to handle complex matters with significant consequences associated with the outcome. We always strive to act on behalf of the best interests of our clients, and we make it our policy to show up to Court fully prepared. Many times our clients will find themselves in situations they feel are not just or suffering from an overreaching adversary. Our objective is to always ensure your rights are protected and seek a prompt and cost-effective legal solution while still preparing for a protracted legal battle, should it become necessary. Sometimes we are employed just to ensure problems do not arise, and we strive to foresee every possible outcome to help prevent any possible surprises along the way. Regardless of your legal needs, you can expect to be treated as if you are a member of our family, and we will seek the best possible result, should we elect to take your case.

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- Amanda Lee

Client Testimonials

The Law Firm That Stands Firmly With You

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Because we’re a small locally operated family law firm, long established in Eastern North Carolina, do not underestimate our ability to obtain positive results no matter how small or bigger your case is. One thing we understand is every case is big to the client. When you’re with Richardson & Richardson, you can expect for us to fight for your rights.

Law Firm

Having an experienced and reliable law firm like Richardson & Richardson standing behind you during a legal dispute is of the highest importance.

Real Estate Law

We have many years of experience helping our clients with real estate transactions both residential and commercial. Should you find yourself in a real estate dispute, we have a combined 61 years of legal experience helping our clients with such matters.

Personal Injury

For over 45 years our firm has helped our clients facing life changing events. Our firm will fight to ensure you have proper representation and seek to ensure you get the money the law entitles you to if you are injured through no fault of your own.


While bankruptcy is not something we wish for our clients, when such action is required, we have the experience and knowledge to help you through the process.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation primarily deals with non-criminal court proceedings in which a dispute has arisen between town parties mostly associated with one party seeking financial compensation from another. We have handled countless numbers of financial disputes since 1974 and we honestly evaluate each case based on a variety of factors. With our Firm you can always expect an honest assessment based on the costs and risks of your particular case. If you have no case we will tell you, if your cases needs a prompt resolution we will seek it, and if you need to hold out for a better result and prepare for trial we will handle that. Our attorneys have routinely appeared and represented clients at all levels of the trial Courts in the State of North Carolina.

Estate Administration& Estate Planning

We have the experience and resources to help you draft and finalize legally binding estate plans, living wills, and trusts. Put your property in trusted hands.

Administrating an estate for a deceased love one can be complicated and overwhelming for those involved. We routinely assists clients in such matters to help ensure the estate is administrated properly and guide them through the process with competent representation. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help assist you through this process.