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Estate Planning
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If you’re looking for a trusted law firm in the New Bern, Jacksonville, or Morehead City, North Carolina, areas, Richardson & Richardson can take care of all your legal service needs, specifically any estate planning and administration needs you might have. Our firm has years of experience dealing with estate administration and estate planning, making us the perfect law firm in the area to help you.

What is Estate Planning and Administration?

Estate planning and administration are legal services that can help you to work out the protection and financial affairs of your estates. Often, these services deal with beneficiaries, writing checks, taxes, and asset distribution, which can make them very confusing and difficult to handle without legal aid.

At Richardson & Richardson, we have years of experience in both estate planning and estate administration. We’ve built a relationship with the local Clerk’s office so that you don’t have to handle legal matters alone. If you need help with your estate’s planning or administration, we are eager to help you make the experience less complicated and easier for you. We can help you with end-of-life documents, making things easier for your loved ones, smoothing out a complicated process for you, and so much more.

What is the Difference Between Planning and Administration?

While estate planning and estate administration are similar legal aid services, they do have differences.

Unlike estate administration, estate planning is typically done during your life and is planning for future incapacity or death. This is a service that is carried out by you, typically with the help of an attorney. Your estate plan is made up of legal documents, such as a will, advance health care directive, power of attorney, and others. If you become incapacitated or die, your estate plan will go into effect based on the wishes you left.

While estate planning is something that you do during your life, estate administration is typically done after someone’s life. An executor or personal representative that was appointed in an estate plan will handle estate administration to carry out your wishes and affairs. Estate administration will usually take care of paying bills, taxes, and carrying out any other wishes of the deceased. Similar to estate planning, this plan will go into action after death by your executor or personal representative.

Why Should You Plan for Your Estate Early?

Estate planning is something that can be done early on to make sure all your affairs are in order. Once you are a legal adult, there is no wrong time to start planning your estate; this includes appointing legal guardians, crafting a will, creating a trust, and more. Having the help of legal services can make this process much easier and less confusing for you, and it will ensure that if life takes any unexpected turns, you know that everything will already be worked out.

How Can Richardson & Richardson Help You?

If you wish to start your estate planning or administration, we can help you at Richardson & Richardson. With over 15 years of legal work experience, our family-owned law firm can help craft the perfect plan for you. We’re a small and personalized firm that serves residents of New Bern, Jacksonville, and Morehead City. We genuinely care about each of our clients and their families, which makes us the perfect trustworthy firm to help with your estate planning and administration. Contact us today to discuss your estate planning and administration.

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